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“The Storyteller’s with Magical Lens”

Ever heard of “Birds of a feather flock together?” We think that proverb suits us the most. We are a bunch of Enthusiastic youngsters who are Ardent Lovers of PHOTOGRAPHY, which is one of the primary reasons for our pictures and films to turn out so Intense. We at Satya Photography, work on every project with utmost care and take responsibility for your Precious moments to deliver with Premium Quality. We thrive to give nothing but the Best to our Clients, which has helped us to have constant and repeated Clients. Though we are based in Hyderabad, India, we are ever ready to fly with our genius cameras everywhere possible.


Company Overview

Satya Photography moto is documenting amazing stories of people. Stories that move your heart. Stories that deserve to be told. Stories on film & photos. We love telling stories- stories that touch your heart, make you jump with joy, reminiscence those playful banters by your closest friends, stories that make your hearts warm up, stories that bring a smile to your face each moment every day

We are passionate about excelling beyond the expectations of every client. Since our inception in 2013 we have been doing so with finesse having served more than 600 plus happy clients. Our photographers induce style and class into every event so effortlessly. 

We are proud of our team, who excel in every photography niche and style. Highly skilled, passionate and always ready to explore

Have a similar taste? Think we can create something exquisite together? You will surely be mesmerised.

We look forward to creating some for you too!



    we’ve had the same question, as to how people have continuously loved us over the years. We reached out to them and asked what made us special. And the answers were encouraging. Give it a read.

                                          OTHER SERVICES


                                      Apart From Weddings We Also Do

Maternity Shoots

We understand how important every little milestone is when it comes to your newborn and how important it is to document them for life. Hence, we started an exclusive Maternity & New born

Commercial Work

Food, Products, Corporate videos, Documentary Videos, and more!

Check out what we do when we are not shooting weddings.


Maybe you’re hosting a Kids 1st birthday party or a baby shower for your family member or friend? or a Surprise Anniversery party to your parents. Every life event matters, so why not preserve these moments for generations to come?

Studio Portraits

Reviving the art of capturing portraits, we have just what it takes to frame timeless memories for you and your family.