The first thing these two tell us as soon as we land in Kashmir is, “We’ll treat this couple shoot more as a vacation and less as a shoot guys, please. Let’s all have a good time together, instead of making it a ‘couple shoot’”

That right there is a dream for every photographer. Not because the couple said we’ll have a vacation, rather because it’s a couple who understand the importance of having a good time together, before anything else.

That’s what this entire shoot was about. We took pictures continuously for the days we stayed and travelled in Kashmir and Srinagar, and not once did we feel like we were working with a client or like we were doing a couple shoot.

We shot two of our best friends in the best of their times. We went crazy with stupid ideas, tried all the different food, jumped around and slept on the ground next to a flowing stream of blue waters. We did everything we could think of, spoke about joys and vulnerabilities, and carried back with us more moments than we could remember.

These pictures we captured are a memory each. These were the days we lived in the moment all the time. These two, Phani & Krishi, have the love that dreams are made of.

  • Photographed by : Lakshmanan and Naahushi
  • Filmed by : Vivi, Nishanth
  • Edited by : Israel, Pranaesh, Preethi and Bhuvanesh