GRANDEUR! That’s the word, to sum up the myriad of emotions we experienced when we shot the big day of Anjana & Ganesh in Kerala. Easily one of the grandest weddings we’ve shot this year, the grandness was in everything and most importantly in the hearts of the loved ones. Both of them were fun loving, spontaneous and spot on with their attention to details. Amidst all the music, they had the eye and the heart to make sure we had the time and space to capture some timeless memories. Isn’t that everything?

And it just kept unfolding beautifully, the series of exquisite events through the splendid space. Think of Kerala, think of lush green trees. That’s how the feel was too, as one entered the magnificent forest themed entrance into the venue. The reception in particular had 6 different venues inside, with events happening in parallel to each one’s exclusive taste. In one end there was the timeless Hariharan singing mesmerizing tunes. On the other end there was a cool laid back hangout of friends and families. From Mohan Lal to Mamooty to Prithvi Raj, the stars kept gracing the occasion with their humble presence. And how can we forget the way the bride entered the reception’s main entrance in her dazzling attire from Manish Malhotra, gliding through the glassy hut decorated with brilliance. The gala was filled with such many moments. The planning was so meticulous that every single point of flow was so well executed, and it felt seamless.

Hard to explain it all in words, for the experience is to be witnessed. Glad we have the pictures to bring it closer to you, to relive all the goodness we captured in the frames. Here’s to love and happiness. Here’s to Anjana & Ganesh!

Special mention to the super talented decorators who created a universe within the venue – @Creattio Events and @Weddingfactory!